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Nappy Community Acronyms

Cloth Nappy Acronyms

By Diane Annett

There are so many Acronyms used when talking about reusables; below is a guide to the most common ones:

Nappy Types / Parts

• AIO: All In One

• AI2: All In Two

• SIO: Snap In One

• BTP: Birth To Potty

• OSFM: One Size Fits Most

• PUL: Polyurethane Laminate (The Waterproof Part!)

Nappy Retailers / Brands

• TBT: The Baby Tribe

• LLB: Little Love Bum

• NAIO: Thirsties Natural All In One

• SB: Smart Bottoms

• ME: Motherease

Acronyms Found on Facebook Groups

• EUC: Excellent Used Condition

• VGUC: Very Good Used Condition

• GUC: Good Used Condition

• SSTP: Sold Subject To Payment

• DISO: Desperately In Search Of

• ISO: In Search Of

• HTF: Hard To Find (Popular Print!)

• TIA: Thanks In Advance

• RTB: Right To Buy (This is Like a Raffle)

• DOND: Deal or No Deal (Only some groups allow this way of selling)

• SFPFH: Smoke Free, Pet Free Home

• PFA: Picture For Attention

• OOS: On Other Sites

• LO: Little One

• OH: Other Half

• FF: Formula Fed

• BF: Breast Fed

• EBF: Exclusively Breast Fed

• OTB: On The Bum

• NNR: Not Nappy Related

• FTM: First Time Mum

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