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A Quick Introduction to Pocket Nappies

Written by Lauren Burke

I decided to start using reusable nappies after having a great experience using reusable wipes. The pressures of lockdown and Covid 19 made the decision to go cloth even easier! We’ve used a variety of types and brands and have found pocket nappies work really well for us. I would like to share some information about pocket nappies and our experience using them.

Pocket nappies are made from a waterproof PUL shell and a fleece inner. At the back of the nappy, there is the opening where you can stuff absorbent layers known as inserts. You can boost this absorbency with extra inserts if you require.

Ease of use:

They are super simple to use. Extra inserts can be added to boost absorbency. Depending on your preference, they come in a range of poppers or Velcro fasteners.


Pocket nappies require washing after every use. They are usually quick drying. The inserts can be tumble dried on a low temperature, however, the shell must be air dried due to containing PUL.

Absorbency: listed least absorbent to most absorbent

Microfibre - they are quick to absorb but do not hold as much and are prone to compression leaks

Bamboo - quick to absorb and hold a fair amount

Hemp - these are absolute fabulous for babies and toddlers who can flood nappies or are heavy wetters - these are our personal go too! Hemp are slower to absorb so pair with a fast absorber to stop leaks.


Range from budget nappies such as Alva Baby to high end brands such as Seedlings. The Baby Tribe is great as it stocks a variety of pockets to suit your budget.


The fit of pocket nappies are slim. In order to gain the correct fit, fasten the nappy using the poppers or Velcro, ensuring that the nappy is sitting in the ‘knicker line’. To ensure the nappy is not too tight, make sure you can place two fingers around the nappy.

Most pocket nappies are one size which means they can be use from birth to potty (BTP). Different sizes are achieved by using the rise poppers at the front of the nappy.

From our personal experience, we use hemp inserts with a bamboo boost in the pocket. We then have a fleece liner against the skin to help wick away moisture.

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