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My Environmental Changes During Lockdown

Written by Leona

I grew up in the countryside, moved away and lived in the city for years and then moved back to the countryside to raise my kids as I want them to grow up with nature all around them as I did. 

Even though I had this in my head, I still never took any real notice of my surroundings and how the way we live is affecting it. I never really thought of 'plastic' and waste until lockdown. Due to always working or running around with the boys I was rarely at home to really fully appreciate the beautiful area we live in. I had started using reusable nappies and wipes but that was it. So in the back of my mind I knew I should be changing my ways. 

The realisation didn't set in until lockdown as I couldn't go anywhere apart from going walking. I started to take in how beautiful our surroundings were and how lucky we were to live in 'the middle of nowhere' so we could go walking, enjoy the wildlife and nature and not meet anyone on the road. We really were in complete isolation. 

Slowly I started to change my ways to help limit the amount of plastic waste leaving our house. 

I fully got into using cloth nappies and wipes both day and night and I also moved from using bottles of hand-wash to soap bars. With these little changes it started to make me feel good and decide to make some subtle changes over the months. 

I wrote to our local councillor to ask for a scheme to be put in place to attract people to start using cloth nappies.I had also applied to be an ambassador with the baby tribe. 

I was so delighted to have been accepted as an ambassador and I have really changed my product choice since becoming an ambassador. There is constantly new products being added to the website which is great. 

Also the council agreed to a nappy scheme as well after a lot of pushing from me which I was delighted with. 

We now use reusable straws instead of plastic and i love the fact they have a holder as well. 

I have swapped to natural deodrant now and I absolutely love ku.tis, I had never heard of it until I saw it on the baby tribe. 

I have changed to ocean savers refillable cleaning products. I was a little skeptical about how good they would be but they are brilliant. 

My husband has ocd and goes through a lot of cleaning products so having the full range is great. 

I have also taken up feeding the birds as I realised that due to the changes in economics there isn't as many crops being grown locally as everyone is working and so the birds weren't getting much food. We have 3 feeders hanging in the bushes and so many birds come to the garden. 

To my amazement a little red squirrel ran across my garden yesterday which I have never seen before. 

My little boy started pre pre school last week and they asked for his spare clothes to be brought in in a plastic bag. I asked if they could be in something else and they said yes so he went off with his little pod which is so handy for spare clothes and it stays in school. 

I am already thinking about ideas for Christmas to make up hampers of reusable products for my friends and family. 

We can all make a change. It doesn't have to be drastic or overnight but something small can make a big difference. All the changes i have made have been over the last few months. 

The Baby Tribe has made a big difference to the changes I have made!

Go on the website even if it is just for a browse. 

Use Leona10 for 10% discount. 

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