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Washable Wipes – Down & Dirty

Written by Diane Annett

Washable wipes are such an easy eco swap, even if you are not using cloth nappies. You can get lots of different brands, sizes & materials to suit your needs.

They can be used for Bums, hands, faces, make up removal, spills & anything else you can think of! I currently use cloth nappies so my wipes are washed in my nappy wash however you can just pop them in with your normal wash. (If used on bum's you might want to give them a good rinse first.) Disposable baby wipes irritated my sons bum & face so reusable washable wipes were the perfect solution for me. I have also found reusable wipes 'grip' so much better than disposable wipes and make cleaning a dirty bum a breeze. I pre wet with some water and they are ready to use. If I'm out and about I take a small wet bag with a few pre wet wipes in it. Or you can take dry wipes and wet as you go, most changing rooms have sinks anyway. I also use my wipes to remove make up, they are so soft and gentle on your skin. I have saved so much money by using reusable wipes, no more buying disposable baby wipes or cotton pads. These wipe will last years!

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