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Seedling Baby Washing and Care Guides

Following these few easy steps will help simplify your nappying routine and ensure a long life for your Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappies.



Remove solids by either rinsing into the toilet with a nappy sprayer, brushing off with a scrap of toilet paper or flushing the entire biodegradable liner (if you use one). This should be done with disposable nappies also.


Remove inserts and give everything a quick hand rinse before placing in a dry nappy bucket. The will minimise staining, cut down on smells and stop potential fabric damage from acidic wee. A drop of tea tree oil in the bucket will help with bacteria and odour.


When you have enough nappies for a full load (usually two days’ worth for one child in nappies), put them through a warm pre-rinse cycle in the machine, with no additives.


When the rinse has finished, and before removing the nappies, put them through a normal/long wash cycle (no hotter than 60˚C) using the amount of detergent you would use for a normal load of the same size, as recommended by the detergent manufacturer.

5) DRY

For best results, line dry your inserts and outer shells. The sun will bleach any stains and is the best natural sanitiser. In very hot weather, line dry in the shade to protect your elastics and waterproofing from degrading. Inserts may be tumble dried on low heat. The outer shell should not be tumble dried as this may, over time, affect waterproofing and elastic. The outer shells line dry within a few hours.


Please note

Never use bleach or vinegar. These may ruin your nappies and will void all warranties.

Limit barrier creams. When the use of creams is necessary, use with a flushable or reusable liner to prevent permanent soiling of your nappy. The best rash prevention is frequent changing (every 2-3 hours during the day), cleansing the area with clean, warm water at each change, and allowing plenty of nappy free time.

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