Reusabelles All in One

Reusabelles All in One


Reusabelles all in one nappy is a premium nappy that has been carefully designed to provide a simple, easy to fit solution to using cloth nappies.


***Preorder Item***

**Making Dreams come True collection is Due in April**

    • Double row of waist poppers
    • Hip stability popper
    • 3 x 4 rise settings​
    • Tummy elastic​
    • Staggered waist poppers 
    • Binding on leg elastics to reduce risk of leaks
    • ​Gentle elastics
    • PUL tummy and back panels reduce chances of wicking and leaks
    • ​Internal double gusset
    • White microfleece layer on insert
    • Microfleece pocket
    • Space to boost between the insert and the PUL
    •  Insert is made from 6 thirsty natural fibre layers
    • Easy and simple to fit
    • Fits similar to disposable nappies

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