Size One Pocket Nappy

Size One Pocket Nappy


Bells Bumz new born Velcro pocket nappy includes one super absorbent bamboo & hemp mix insert and their signature rainbow stitched edged fleece liners.

    • Prem to 6 months approx. 4-18lbs (6 months ish)
    • Nappy comes with one insert and one fleece liner
    • Signature rainbow stitched edged fleece liners
    • Stretchy outer PUL shell
    • Lined with super soft stay dry suede
    • 3 adjustable rises
    • Double leg gusseted
    • Gentle elastic to avoid compression marks 
    • Double pockets 
    • Stay dry tummy panel
    • 4 layers in the insert: 2 bamboo & 2 layers of hemp
    • Stay dry rainbow edged fleece liner


    *Every baby is different and this is just a guide weight

  • Bells Bumz new born Velcro pocket nappy comes with one super absorbent bamboo & hemp mix insert and our signature rainbow stitched edged fleece liners. 

    BellsBumz A Class Pocket nappies are perfectly fitting nappies made from a stretchy outer PUL shell and lined with super soft stay dry suede. 

    The outer has double leg gusseted for ultimate leak prevention and has gentle elastic to avoid compression marks on baby's delicate skin.

    3 adjustable rises to help get the sizing just right, especially in those early days when they grow so fast.

    It doesn’t even stop there we have designed with the addition of stay dry tummy panel for more comfort. 

    These are designed for prem to 6 months. If you look at the pictures you can see the addition of an extra Velcro tab at the front side. This is to help adjust the waist for even the smallest of babies. It then expands up to 18lbs so you will get your moneys worth out of these. 

    Approximately 4-18lbs (6 months ish)


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