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Fern Wet Bag

Fern Wet Bag

PriceFrom £5.96

The Fern sanitary pad storage bags are the perfect clutch size for your CSP.

  • This small storage bag has 2 pockets allowing space for dry and wet items to be stored separately. It is also the perfect size for a makeup bag or for toiletries.

    It is made from waterproof fabric giving you the confidence to store your sanitary or breast pads when out and about.

  • The registered design has been created with ease of use with containment being a priority.

    The Wet Bag features 2 layers of waterproof PUL fabric with no internal bottom seam for maximum containment and a detachable mesh bag lining.

    When the bag is full simply snap out the mesh bag, pull the drawstring and pop it straight in the wash. The bag can then be used again before also being washed.