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Vegan Food Wrap Care and Use Guide

How to use a Vegan Food Wrap

Here is a quick video on other ways to use your vegan wrap:

Cleaning and Caring for your Vegan Food Wraps

We recommend that after each use you wash your wraps.  

  1. Simply fill your kitchen sink with cold water and a little washing up liquid and then use a scrubbing brush to clean the wrap.

  2. After, simply hang on a washing line to dry. Do not submerge in very hot water or use in the microwave.  

How to Use the Vegan Wax Refresher Block

You will know when your wrap needs a refresh, as it starts to lose its stickiness and stiffness, it also starts to look more like fabric.

We recommend you refresh every 12 months, unless you need to reapply the wax.

Here is a handy video to walk you through refreshing you wrap!

Pasteurising your Vegan Wrap

We recommend that you pasteurise your wrap every 3 months.

Iron the wrap evenly for 30 seconds to kill any bacteria.

Here is a handy video to show you in more detail:

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