Strawesome Glass Straw

Strawesome Glass Straw

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This is the ideal straw for a zero waste lifestyle for thin liquids.

    • Length 20cm / 8″
    • Outer Diameter: 9mm
    • Very strong glass (Borosilicate)
    • BPA and toxin free
    • Handmade
    • Zero waste
    • Replaces plastic disposable straws
    • Eco-friendly
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
    • Lifetime guarantee by Strawesome against breakage
    • Cleaning brush available
    • Carrying cases available
  • Reasons Why You Need This Straw in Your Life

    • Strawsome made this straw in the USA and it’s awesome. Their super fancy (aka borosilicate) glass is so amazing, it can withstand temperatures below freezing and up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit! You’ll even find this stuff in the windows of the space shuttle! It’s also known as the same glass used in Pyrex®, but that’s not nearly as exciting as space shuttle glass.
    • Strawsome have crushed down and lab tested all of the glass they use. It was really messy but totally worth it to let you know that there’s nothing nasty inside this glass. Unlike plastic, glass isn’t a porous material so it won’t leach into your mouth or drinks ever!
    • You can clean your straw in the dishwasher. Yes, the super hot, sanitizing, easy-clean machine that is the dishwasher. We also sell a cleaning brush in case YOU are the dishwasher.
    • Each straw has a lifetime warranty. If you break it by accident (using it as a drumstick is not an accident!) Strawsome will replace it. We know you love your straw and will be sad without it, so they aim to make you happy again. Enough said!

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