Bells Bumz Z Wraps

Bells Bumz Z Wraps


Bells Bumz wraps are made from a stretchy and soft poly fabric!

    • Birth to Potty design
    • 3 rise settings
    • Made from stretchy and soft poly fabric
    • Breathable fabric with good air circulation 
    • Universal fit
    • Elasticated back
    • Elasticated double gussets
    • Designed to hold the Z soaker and Z booster
  • Bells Bumz wraps are made from a stretchy and soft poly fabric.

    They are breathable and have good air circulation.


    These wraps are designed to fit around our fitted Hemp nappies perfectly, but they will also fit most other brands of shaped and flat nappies if you happen to use a selection.

    Comes with hidden snaps under the flaps, it’s designed to hold the Bells Bumz Z soaker and Z booster. Also great for pre folds or just additional boosters placed under the flaps.


    The Z Wrap has an elasticated tummy panel to stop gaps, and since both the nappy and wrap have elasticated back and elasticated double gussets 'poo explosions' up to the neck are almost unheard of.


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