Hippy Nut Bamboo Boosters

Hippy Nut Bamboo Boosters

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Hippynut's super thirsty bamboo boosters are perfect for adding extra absorbing power to your nappies. Bamboo is a great material for nappies, as it's absorbent, breathable, naturally anti-bacterial and eco friendly.

    • Brilliant for heavy wetters or night time use
    • Snap it into our bamboo nappy insert
    • Comes in two sizes:
      • Large (night time) - consisting of 6 layers of absorbency when folded
      • Small (day time) - consisting of 4 layers of absorbency
    • These boosters can be snapped into any HippyNut nappy or used as a booster.
    • These boosters can be snapped into each other to provide a whopping 10 layers of added absorption. 
    • When snapped into a Hippynut AIO Nappy, this gives you a SUPER night time nappy with 16 layers of absorbency.
    • Made from 85% Bamboo and 15% Polyester

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